Thursday, June 26, 2008


I know I haven't updated this blog in a really long time. There's pretty much nothing to update about, which is really sad. It seems our whole adoption has fallen off the face of the earth or something. We haven't heard a word from our agency regarding anything since probably early March. Everything I know is through the different email groups I'm on or through various blogs. It is very frustrating to say the least. Our fingerprints expire in Oct. or Nov.

But, the big news is that Zach feels we should no longer go through with the adoption at this time. I tell you that that just breaks my heart and kills me. I still picture a little African girl that belongs in our family. First of all, our money from the sale of our house last summer which we intended to use for the adoption will have to go toward purchasing a new home. This would not be the case had we moved where there was a military base and base housing. But the Lord had plans to move us to Iowa where it was rent or buy. So, the funds we had for the adoption have to be used elsewhere. At first I was so against it but there'd be no way we'd be able to live otherwise.

Secondly, we have been busy with the whole move. And I think Zach feels that right now we're blessed with a baby who will be here sometime in September that we really don't need to pursue adoption at this time. I know with the busy-ness of moving and being pregnant has really taken over my life, but my heart still goes out to the orphans and I still feel the Lord has something in store for us. Why would we have begun this process if only to end this way? I'm not sure. I know that I'm still praying the Lord opens the doors for us to adopt. As I've stated before its been something I've always desired to do and I believe the Lord isn't through with us in this area yet.

So that's the news on the adoption front.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Another One

I just finished reading Children of Hope by Vernon Brewer. What a truly amazing and touching book. I cried as I watched videos on the website. It is sad that Christians aren't doing more to help orphans and those affected by AIDS/HIV in Africa. I want to do more! I want to help these children, our brothers and sisters, as they fight for hope and for their lives. Lord, lead us, guide and show us how you desire us to help your children. If you haven't read the book you can get it for free from the link. It is definitely something you need to read. You won't be able to put it down- I read it in a day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Read

I just finished (in a day) A Treasury of Adoption Miracles by Karen Kingsbury. It was 12 different stories of how God worked in people's lives in regards to adoption. Very moving book! I especially enjoyed the first story and then of course Karen's own testimony of how they adopted 3 boys from Haiti. At this point with the move and baby we feel like our adoption is on hold, especially when the Liberian Minister of Health has still not allowed more adoptions to proceed. I really feel that God still desires us to adopt, just not at this point. Hopefully things in Liberia will pick up again soon and we will settle into our new home and be ready to accept our little Liberian girl!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Is no news really good news?

STILL nothing on the adoption front. I meant to call our agency today to see if there has been any news but I completely forgot in lieu of calling lenders, Realtors and the such. It seems as if this adoption is 'on hold'. I guess its maybe a good thing because we're going to have to use our money in savings that was intended for our adoption on a down payment on a home. At first I was so against this but now I've come to realize it is the way its gotta be. I know God will provide the funds for our adoption whenever it progresses...if it does. I know it will, sometimes it just seems like its not really even happening. Like, 'Are we really adopting?' And when people ask how the adoption is going I hate answering that nothing has changed since the last time they asked- a month ago! That is frustrating to no end, but God knows. I need to keep reminding myself that it is HIS time, not mine. Like that song:

In His time, in His time
He makes all things beautiful in His time
Lord, please show me every day as You're teaching me Your way
that You do just what You say in Your time
In Your time, in Your time
You make all things beautiful in Your time
Lord, my life to You I bring may each song I have to sing
be to You a lovely thing in Your time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Waiting, Waiting and Water

That's all it seems to be lately. Good thing I have this move that occupies most of my thoughts, and my 3 children! But I'm curious what the new changes to adoptions in Liberia will be. I just want answers. And I want this adoption to move forward. I feel like we've been stuck in a rut for awhile now and we need to move forward here.

I haven't been around much in adoption land, including my adoption groups. If you read this blog please check out Brandi's on my sidebar. She is partnering up with an organization called Spirit Liberia (can get to it from her site, I'm so tired I don't want to be searching for it right now) to bring clean water and wells to Liberia. They're almost there on the Rock Hill well. You can read about Rock Hill at her site as well as some of the other people listed on the side. It is a sad, sad situation. Being pregnant, lately I am addicted to water. Since 5 pm I think I've drank about 6 glasses of pure, clean, cold water. I never drink this much water! But I could not imagine not having this blessing. Please, if you can, contribute to help Liberians (and then other African countries) obtain clean water.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

President Bush visits Liberia!

I was so excited to hear that the President was going not only to Africa but to Liberia. You can check out this link. Then this video brought tears to my eyes for some reason. I guess to think that our President is in Liberia taking part in some of the culture of our daughter got to me! Not to mention maybe some hormones are involved;)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

For those who don't know...

I have another blog that I frequently post on. For some rather exciting news for our family please check it out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I keep forgetting

to update on here. Friday we sent our dossier off to AdoptIntl. I had talked with Candace that morning for almost a half an hour! I think it is awesome to have such lengthy conversations with the one who will be working to bring our daughter home! She said she has about 7 applications for her pilot program and she is taking no more at this time. We are fortunate to be one of the families. I was also told that she was looking into one little girl to us, to check whether she had any siblings. Apparently most of the children have siblings and its unfortunately just not something we can do at this time. So I've been praying for that little girl like crazy. I know nothing about her but I pray she's the one! God knows! I have such a peace about the whole process. You'd think after our experience (or lack of) with the other agency that I'd be a bit nervous. But it is such a faith journey. You step out in faith and trust God every step of the way. He knows who she is, where she is and when she's coming home. I'm really praying that is is by June though as it looks like we'll be moving this summer (thankfully).

Sunday, January 20, 2008

News Flash!

Amazing! Our old agency, Acres of Hope actually sent our refund and complete dossier back! There are MANY people who were told they're not getting any money back (and they've sent more in than what we had) and many who are not getting their paperwork returned. I sent our letter via email as well as snail mail. It took only a WEEK to get our dossier returned to us. It probably helped that I tried to be as friendly as possible in my letter. I also didn't want to post much on here until I received it!

With that said, we withdrew for many reasons. Red flags started going up when more and more people began withdrawing from the agency. Then what I thought was a 'key player' in the agency, Donna, quit. Then people were getting kicked out of our yahoo group! I brushed it all aside until after Christmas and then the Lord nudged me to pursue the issues. Finding out that the agency is not using their funds as they state they are, that they're lying to families and saying that children have been relinquished when they haven't, and that they've even lied on medical reports were some of the many things I discovered. Also, they have increased their fees dramatically since July! Doesn't that send up red flags??? There is more than that, but those were some of the bigger red flags when I heard it all. I felt like I'd hit a brick wall when I heard the news. How could this be? Everybody had raved about this agency! When I told Zach he was furious and said I needed to immediately write a letter to get our dossier and refund back.

The same day I found out this information I was told about another agency, Adopt International. I called the number I was given and actually talked to the director herself, Candace O'Brien! I've never once talked to the director of AoH! Candace was so friendly and answered all of my questions. She answers emails when you have questions. After talking to her and reading about this agency we sent in our application. I'm pretty certain that the Lord has led us to this agency.

We have not lost faith in this journey. We know the Lord will lead us to our daughter, we are so confident of it no matter what roadblocks there may be. With our daughters (we have only one so far) we'd like their middle names to be 'fruits of the spirit'. Princess' is Joy. I'm thinking this little girl will have the middle name of Faith. Adoption is stepping out in faith in the Lord. When we began we didn't know where we'd be 6 months from then, where we'd get the funds or anything. But we didn't fear. We stepped out in faith, got both feet wet and have been splashing in the pool of adoption ever since. Some may think you need to wait until the Lord provides the money, which could be years down the road. We were even told, "How do you know somebody won't walk up to you on the street and hand you $10,000?" We don't know, but are we supposed to idly sit by waiting for that to happen, meanwhile allowing more and more children to suffer the pangs of hunger and disease? I don't believe that is the case. Our Example, Jesus didn't lounge around waiting for things to happen- He MADE them happen!

I thank you all for your continued prayers. I thank those of you who shared the truth in love, even when it went against the 'flow' to open our eyes. And I'm also thankful to those of you I've met through this journey~ I believe we have bonds that will never be broken.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Change of Plans

We have decided to withdraw from the agency we were using. We have known there were things 'going on' for some time but we weren't sure what exactly. After receiving more concrete details we felt like we needed withdraw from the agency we thought was so wonderful. I'm not going to post any details but they're out there in blog land in various places and bits and pieces if you are interested or you can always email me for more information. At first I had this sinking feeling and I emailed a friend and told her it almost felt like a miscarriage. Since then I have a complete peace about it. It saddens me that the integrity is not in an agency we trusted and believed in and I pray for the people involved, but God has given me His peace. Some people will probably think, "Oh, that's a sign that they shouldn't even pursue this" which is why we haven't been too public about it. We know that our little girl is in Liberia and we will continue to pursue this wonderful adoption journey as God leads. Please continue to pray that He leads us to her (and soon)! Also please keep Acres of Hope and its staff and the sweet Liberian children in your prayers. Many people have left the agency and I can't help but wonder about those precious children.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Well you can see I changed the look of this blog too. I lost all of my links and finally got around to adding them again (hopefully I didn't forget anybody), but somehow the list seems longer! Great, now I have all the more blogs to try to keep up with;)

Please keep us in your prayers as we make major decisions concerning our adoption. No we don't have a referral or anything like that, but we have already taken some steps and need more prayer for God's guidance in this. We are adopting not only because we want to but because the Lord has laid it upon our hearts to, therefore we need to heed His voice and honor Him in this process.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Still no referral. Just keep praying.