Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I keep forgetting

to update on here. Friday we sent our dossier off to AdoptIntl. I had talked with Candace that morning for almost a half an hour! I think it is awesome to have such lengthy conversations with the one who will be working to bring our daughter home! She said she has about 7 applications for her pilot program and she is taking no more at this time. We are fortunate to be one of the families. I was also told that she was looking into one little girl to us, to check whether she had any siblings. Apparently most of the children have siblings and its unfortunately just not something we can do at this time. So I've been praying for that little girl like crazy. I know nothing about her but I pray she's the one! God knows! I have such a peace about the whole process. You'd think after our experience (or lack of) with the other agency that I'd be a bit nervous. But it is such a faith journey. You step out in faith and trust God every step of the way. He knows who she is, where she is and when she's coming home. I'm really praying that is is by June though as it looks like we'll be moving this summer (thankfully).


Brandi said...

Yeah! Can't wait to actually KNOW something!

Ok, so I'm here to comment and give you "clicks"! I keep forgetting that you have them! This is my renewed committment to come by every day!

Love ya,

amber said...

I am really excited for you guys... I can only imagine how hard it was to feel like you were back at square one... But God knows where your daughter is and He knows how to get you on the right road.
I hope you hear soon about that little girl.

Maybe you'll end up in WA?? That would be cool. We could use more Liberian adoptive families up our way! :)


Risa said...

Yip-eee! LOL

I can't wait to see what God has in store for you! :)

Alward Family said...

You know we are hoping that the little girl will be yours!