Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Change of Plans

We have decided to withdraw from the agency we were using. We have known there were things 'going on' for some time but we weren't sure what exactly. After receiving more concrete details we felt like we needed withdraw from the agency we thought was so wonderful. I'm not going to post any details but they're out there in blog land in various places and bits and pieces if you are interested or you can always email me for more information. At first I had this sinking feeling and I emailed a friend and told her it almost felt like a miscarriage. Since then I have a complete peace about it. It saddens me that the integrity is not in an agency we trusted and believed in and I pray for the people involved, but God has given me His peace. Some people will probably think, "Oh, that's a sign that they shouldn't even pursue this" which is why we haven't been too public about it. We know that our little girl is in Liberia and we will continue to pursue this wonderful adoption journey as God leads. Please continue to pray that He leads us to her (and soon)! Also please keep Acres of Hope and its staff and the sweet Liberian children in your prayers. Many people have left the agency and I can't help but wonder about those precious children.


The Nahid Family said...

Hi Jamie,
Can you email me and let me know what has happened with AOH when you have a moment? Thanks so much!


Brandi said...

Jamie, I'm praying for your WHOLE family and for God's perfect guidance in your decisions. With everything you have gone through, I know this must be extra hard.


steffany said...

Jamie, I'm praying.
I understand what you are going through. It's hard, but at the same time their is peace.

Kriya said...

Hi Jamie. My name is Kriya and I will be praying that your little girl comes home as soon as possible. My husband and I are also hoping to adopt from Liberia as soon as possible. I would like to hear what your experiance was with AoH because we had planned to adopt with them. I am concerned. Thanks so much. Blessings! Kriya ><>

Alward Family said...

I am so glad you posted your blog address tonight on our "other" group since I have been wondering where to find you! I am so glad that you all have decided to pursue other agencies as we are in the same boat. Ironically I posted today about our adoption situation and about leaving AoH. We are now with Adopt International. I would highly recommend talking to Candace and HollyAnn at Addy's Hope was great too!

Now I can check your blog and know what's going on with you guys.


Donna Barber said...

I do wish you the best on your continued journey. Rest in knowing that God knows her even if you dont. We await with you and look forward to what you have to share.

Missy said...

I am so sorry that this is where you are, but at the same time, I'm glad this is where you are. I've been worried about you for some time now and I just know your little girls is out there somewhere. God knows who she is and where she is and He is going to lead you to her. Just follow Him in faith and obedience.
Love you and praying for you,

Brandi said...

ok, so I'm definitely bored tonight (Greg's out) b/c I clicked through EVERY single one of the blogs you've listed. . and that is a LONG list!

Love ya!

Crystal said...

Jamie, Can you please email me as well with the details- briden6@gmail.com

We are in the process with Addy's Hope and we will pray for God's will in your family. I am so sorry though that you have had to feel this loss. Blessings-Crystal