Monday, June 11, 2007

This is taken from my 'normal' blog...where it all began!

Remember a few posts back I asked you to pray for something? Well, I thought I'd finally share it. We are in the process to adopt a child from Liberia. I ask you to pray that this goes smoothly (as smooth as an adoption can go). I ask you to pray for the finances. Adoption costs a ridiculous amount of money and we are totally stepping out in faith here. We're in the military and we don't have extra funds lying around to just up and adopt a child. But God has called us to this point and we are trusting in Him. We know that if it is His will then He will help us to provide. Pray also for the children in Liberia. I will be sharing some of what we're learning as the days, weeks and months unfold. Pray for the people who will help us through the process- from the prayer warriors to the social workers to the adoption agency to the INS workers. I also have written something that I would like to share soon with you all (probably in increments as it is long). Unless I figure out a way I can send a link to it... This is a huge step, an exciting yet scary road we will travel. Thank you for your support and love! Not all have been supporting at this point and that is difficult, especially when it is people close to us. Which I why I will share and pour out my heart to you.

I will leave you with some facts about Liberia. In 1989 a civil war broke out, being rated as one of the most deadly wars in Africa. There's no electricity, running water or mail service. People are suffering from malnutrition and lack of medical care. Babies and others die daily from the disease and conditions that run rampant in that country. The population is about 3 million with a life expectancy about 40 years old. The country is hurting and in need of not only food and medical care, but most importantly they're in need of a Savior, Jesus.

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