Sunday, June 24, 2007

Liberia means 'free land'. Freed American slaves were sent back to Africa, however they were not welcomed. They named their settlement Monrovia, named after President James Monroe. Monrovia now serves as the capital of Liberia.

Rubber is one of the biggest natural resources in Liberia and brought many jobs to the country. Some of the other natural resources are ire ore, timber, gold and diamonds. Liberia was becoming a thriving land with universities, electrical plants, roads and even drawing tourism as people wanted to go on African safaris.

In 1989 a civil war broke out. Before this there was already unrest in the country. A country that seemed to be prospering soon found itself falling. Today Liberia has no running water, electricity or postal service. People are dying of disease and malnutrition. Orphans are found everywhere and many parents are turning their children over to the orphanages for survival. Because this country has no health care, or very minimal, there is no way to treat the diseases. People are dying. Children and babies dying. Nobody knows nor cares about these deaths as it is a common occurrence.

People do whatever they can for survival. For example, by 11 years old most girls become prostitutes to try to survive. Most of these girls have not even hit puberty yet they're prostituting their bodies in desperation for food.In 2004 1 million babies died. Did I mention that the population is only about 3 million? Life expectancy is only 40 years!

This country is in extreme poverty. They are in need. I know there are other countries in the same circumstances, yet the Lord has laid Liberia on our hearts. He has called us to pull at least one child, a child of His, out of this poverty. To give them life, hope and a future. What will you do to help? Will you at least pray for us? Not all are called to adopt, but there are still ways we can help those the Lord does call to adopt these orphans. If it breaks my heart to see a picture of a sad, malnourished child imagine how it breaks Jesus' heart!

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