Thursday, January 31, 2008

For those who don't know...

I have another blog that I frequently post on. For some rather exciting news for our family please check it out.


Brandi said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I'm so glad you finally announced it! I was sure I'd forget and accidently do so myself in a comment!


Alward Family said...

Jamie that's wonderful news...congratulations!!!! And I can't wait to hear about "the little girl" at Adopt Int'l. Maybe we'll even travel at the same time.


jeff & katie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting!
I was wondering if you guys were still looks like you are too!!! WOW!!! Baby and a little one from Liberia? Am I right in this? Awesome.
Praying for you!!!
Katie B.

Scarlett_333 said...

Hi there! I am just trying to get the word out to other families who adopted (or are adopting) from Liberia, that the Charity of the Month for March is a family adopting a little boy named William from Liberia, and who already adopted a little girl named Naomi. I am stylizing blogs for $20 to raise money to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and $5 of every blog stylized in March will go to their adoption. Thanks so much!

Chelsey said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I tried to get to your other blog site - princess rubies, but it looks like invite only. Would you consider sending me an invite - I'd love to get to "know" you better through blogland! :)