Sunday, July 8, 2007


I've been mulling a bit today over some things. Why is it that Christians, churches, maybe people in general see the need to give to missions (or the poor) yet don't understand that adoption is a mission. You see, we will be missionaries in our own home. Adoption is a ministry, and outreach to a child(ren) who has no hope or future. Isn't the fact that we are adopting a child, whether it be from a third world country or the U.S., helping one in need? A poor, hungry child in need of a family. Why is it that people have a difficult time seeing this picture? Or maybe they see it with thick lenses. Maybe they think we need to just save our money to buy that new car, new boat or to send our child to college. After all, it costs a lot of money to send a child to college nowadays. And that is much more important than helping an orphaned child, right? Wrong. Not that a college education is wrong or a bad thing, but I think God will find it more beneficial that we help those less fortunate than us. I'm not trying to say I'm better than the man who is saving his money for his children's education or for a new car. I guess maybe I just have a different perspective. Maybe I see more into the heart of God when it comes to those in need. I hate to say that, as I'm trying not to be 'prideful' in any sense. I just don't get why we Americans can live in our comfortable homes and go about giving a minimal amount to the church, missions or whatever other ministry our heart desires yet not seeing that a family adopting is also a mission and ministry. Or maybe we don't even give at all.

We will be bringing a child into our country. Into our home. This child will be a part of our family. A part of our church. A part of our community. She will be our daughter just as Princess is. Princess is a part of our home, family, church and community. She is ministered to at church. I'm sure if there were a need with Princess people would be quick to help in some way. What about the child God has picked just for our family that is all the way in Liberia? Will that child be ministered to? Not only when she gets here, but what about now? Can't people see that she needs help now? As sickness sets in, as the rains fall, as food is scarce can't people see that our daughter needs help?

How it breaks my heart that people can't see our vision! The Bible states clearly that we are to help widows and orphans (James 1:27).

Below is an excerpt of something I wrote in my journal on June 23.

What is your hobby? Golfing? Scrapbooking? Bowling? Fishing? Hunting? Knitting? Eating out? Now think about your hobby. Think about how much money you spend a year on this hobby.

Most of us own a home. Many have two cars. Some people drive around in their new SUV. Some have boats that they enjoy spending time in. Some people may have a cottage.

Whatever it is, lets face it: we are rich. We own a lot. We pay on many things. Many people probably have credit cards, car loans, mortgages and other debt.

Maybe we have money that we squander. We let it sit in the bank and collect interest. We invest. And all of that is ok. But is it eternal?

You see, we need to think of the 'big picture'. We need to remember to live for the Lord, to do what we can to further His kingdom. We can't take any material thing on this earth with us when we die. But we can take people. Maybe an orphan. Please, let me know your thoughts. Am I far off to feel the way I do?


Amie said...

I know where your coming from but I have heard sort of the opposite. I have always heard that you should adopt because you want to be a parent, not to save a child. That if you want to simply save/help a child then give money. I think it has something to do with children growing up feeling like you choose them because you wanted to be their mom/dad not because they were a charity case.

Crystal said...

Jamie, Thanks for coming over to check out my blog : ) I agree with adoption being a mission!! You said it very well. We as Christians need to consider what we do with our finances and the impact on eternity, AMEN!! God Bless you and your adoption journey. In Christ- Crystal

Angela said...

LOTS of people are moms/dads. doesn't mean they should be. you and zach are not doing this out of charity---you are doing what you feel in your hearts is right for a child that has no one to be that mom/dad to them. a child that is living in horrible conditions and chances of that child have a long & full-filled life are slim. WHO CARES if a person adopting is doing it to be a mom/dad or saving them----bottom line, they get a CHANCE at LIFE! remember that Jamie! you are doing an amazing thing!


Amie said...

I think my comment came across too negative. Sorry about that. It was something that was discussed on one of my message boards once, and that was what the parents in the process of adoption were saying. They didn't want to be viewed as saving a child, they just wanted a child. Anyway, I think Angie has a great point, it really doesn't matter as long as a child is being accepted into a family and loved.

Risa said...

I think that after you adopt your first child you will find that it isn't about what you can do for that child but what that child brings into your family. The joy and love and laughter. You will probably wonder how you didn't miss it before you had it. I think you will find that your newest addition will bring you more than you ever thought possible - you will probably even forget (except that you wrote it down here...) that you thought you would be able to give them more than they will give you.

I'm glad you are putting your feelings down here. It's great so that some day your child can come and see where you were coming from and what you went through to bring them into your family. And that way we can all feel like a part of what you are doing. :)

Have you guys decided on what you are looking for? Boy, Girl, Young, older, infant? I know that part has to be hard...lots to think about especially when all you really want is the one God has for you.

Aduladi' said...

Jamie I really applaud the decision you are making. Mr. Clean and I had prayed about adoption and wanted to add to the family, but kept getting hung up on the money issue. I know that the Lord will and can make anything happen that is in His plan, we are just so conservative with spending and budgeting that we could not see the "how". Did you and Zach deal with that at all? How did you get past the urge to doubt that the money will be there (or you may already have it)? That seems to be our only barrier. I would love your thoughts!!