Friday, July 13, 2007

The Home Visit

The home visit went really well. She got here early (I wonder if they purposely do that) and I wasn't quite ready. I was brushing Cuddly Boy's teeth, then had to brush my own. So, Little Man kept her occupied. Of course, she likes to ask the kids questions so she had her opportunity there. I guess he was really good, telling her he wants a sister and is going to help her and share his toys. It was really sweet. He was all over that woman like jelly on toast! Maybe because he's known for some time that she was coming! Most of the things she asked were the same things that were asked on the forms we had to fill out. So, Monday it should be sent to the state! Sometimes it seems unreal that this is really happening, yet it is so exciting. I'm in a couple of different yahoo groups about adopting and the people keep getting their referrals. It is so fun to see their children! I love to read the stories of those who have already adopted too. The groups have also been a great help as I have so many questions. There's so much that goes into it all that it can seem overwhelming- yet I'm not at all overwhelmed. God is moving so magnificently in our family that it amazes me. I know I was down for awhile because I was letting people's opinions get to me. No longer. It has disappeared and it feels GOOD!

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JML said...


I'd love to talk with you about the adoption and process. My husband and I are just starting the process and want to adopt through AOH. Please email me (I can't figure out how else to contact you)