Thursday, November 29, 2007

More News from AoH

Rachel from AoH sent another email update. I'm going to include only the part that applies to us right now. I am believing that we will be one of these families!!! Please pray and believe with me.

I know that many of you are on the edges of your seats, as I am, awaiting referrals. As you know, changes in the US Embassy as well as Liberian policies, prompted us to "revamp" our referral process so that much of the investigations and paper-chasing that occurred after the referral will now occur before. This caused a window of time where children were entering the program but were not yet "referral-ready". Certain delays have occurred during this time (for instance, our staff brought seven relinquishing families to see a judge who did not show up for his appointment, causing our staff to have to take them all home and re-gather them later for the same purpose). This is typical in Liberia.However, earlier this week, I received a list of over 60 children who are in this process of being prepared for referrals. I am awaiting the final steps to be taken and then referrals will begin flowing over the coming weeks.

I cannot wait to find out who our newest member of the family will be!

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steffany said...

Yay! congratulations. I will definitely pray and my prayers are with you. I know your daughter will be revealed soon.