Sunday, November 11, 2007

Important New from Liberia

This is something that was recently posted on our AoH group. It seems that there are constantly new road blocks and setbacks in Liberian adoptions lately and it is rather frustrating for ALL involved, no matter where in the process we may be. Please pray for all of us families and more importantly for those who are advocating for not only the families, but more importantly the children in Liberia.

Dear Families and Supporters of Acres of Hope-Liberia,
We have just received word this morning that the US Consulate in Monrovia has chosen to further limit adoption-related appointments at the US Embassy. She will now take only one appointment (for the required biological family interview OR for the adopting family to file their I600) per day, and only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means rather than four appointments per week, there will now only be two. To this date, every Acres of Hope-Liberia family has received their child/ren's visa from the Embassy. And, we expect that trend will continue, despite having fewer opportunities to apply for visas.
Please understand that this is out of our control and our hands are tied. However, Patty and this agency are doing all that we can to advocate for change in this policy. Upon Patty's return to the US later this month, we plan to fly to Washington, DC to see what we can do to effect change. And, in the meantime, we will be contacting our network to explain the situation and require change.
We are extremely disappointed in the Consulate's decision because we have been face-to-face with mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers who are desperate to provide a better life for their children.Thousands of children in Liberia remain in need of loving, permanent homes, aside from those we are able to care for in our programs.
Acres of Hope-Liberia exists to serve God through serving the children who truly are the "least of these" in the world. We stand together with you in that commitment and we will not be daunted. We recognize that our struggle is beyond that of flesh and blood. We have an Enemy who hates the uniting of God's most precious ones with committed, loving, Christian families. Indeed, we are in battle "against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Eph. 6:12b) We are united with you and with Christ in this battle, and we will carry through our commitment before God.
Throughout our lives and the life of this organization, we have found that spiritual growth thrives on challenges. Every obstacle we face is an opportunity for personal growth and for our growth as an organization. In fact, one of our goals for Acres of Hope-Liberia is that we would be constantly improving in our ability to meet the purposes of Christ through this organization. We are encouraged that our organization, as well as the entire process of adopting from Liberia, is being sharpened, honed, and improved through these challenges.
We are more than grateful for your dedication to the nation of Liberia, particularly her children, and your commitment to Acres of Hope-Liberia. We know that the families that partner with us in adoption and humanitarian work pray for the nation and orphans of Liberia, and for this organization regularly. We cannot thank you enough for standing and battling with us in this most significant way. We feel the power of your prayers. Now is the time to band together, to encourage one another in faith and hope. In the face of this challenge, we ask you to reflect on your original desire to invest your lives in Liberia. Draw strength from that commitment and expect our God to do the marvelous and miraculous on behalf of his beloved children in Liberia.
With expectation of great things,
Patty Anglin, Executive Director
Rachel Wilson, Adoption Coordinator


Missy said...

Thanks for your note about Sarah's baptism. That is a huge encouragement to her. I check your blog daily for a word about your referral. I really feel like it is coming soon. Be encouraged by the way the AoH staff signed their letter - with expectation of great things. How can we expect anything less than great things when we serve such and awesome God. Love, Missy

adopting lady said...

Hi there! Hang in there. I noticed that you have our blog as a link on yours. We have actually switched to working with another orphanage, but hope that things smooth out at Acres for you and all the other families. God Bless! Kami