Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Uh, Donna from AoH just called telling me that my homestudy that was sent to them was copies- and some were only the backs of pages. What is our agency doing? They should know that originals are needed! Even I know that! Not to mention awhile ago when I got a copy of my police clearance (it was fine guys) the birthdate was wrong. Even some information in our homestudy was inaccurate. Good thing our social worker is coming on Friday to update our homestudy since we've moved. I will address this all with her then and hopefully we will run in to no more snags with this. Now I have got to get going on this other paperwork. It is difficult when I'm still trying to change my address with this and that. We still haven't gotten any mail forwarded from our old address and its been 2 weeks. We only moved 1 digit in our zip code away (if that makes sense). I'm also trying to get ready for the school year so life's been busy as can be. Just when I think it settles down I find more I need to be doing. Well, off to play a game with the kiddos!


amber said...

Oh, I am sorry about the "snags" you've run into... we had to get our homestudy revised FIVE times (five!!!) because of simple (but highly important mistakes... like listing the WRONG country! :) It finally turned out correct and we sent it in to AoH... only to have to get another revised edition later when we decided to adopt Henry because we hadn't specified about special needs! Arghh. It can be frustrating, I know. Hang in there. EVERY step is a step closer!


Tasha said...

What is with some of these homestudy agencies? Mine wouldn't return phone calls or emails. Finally, my adoption agency exec. dir. literally camped out on my social worker's front porch until all my paperwork was retrieved.

Good luck on your journey!